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Students are overwhelmed with assignments. Some students are workers and combining academic work is so stressful some are unable to complete their academic work. Some students’ lose marks because of late submission. It is sad to see students defer courses or unable to complete their course work to earn their qualifications.

Some brilliant students are always helping their colleagues without any form of reward! Well, we all cherish thank you but there cannot be any better thank you than the sound of money!

We at AC Portal believe there is a real need: some students need help and they are willing to pay for help. There are a lot of people who are also ready to offer academic services to earn some gigs on the side. Nothing should be free except the air we breathe.

Another hurdle is the trust issue of money payments! Assignment done, no money received! Payment done and no assignment received! Whoa! That’s why AC Portal is handy!

AC Portal is an AGENCY! We connect the two sides together. We hold payments in TRUST until the full work is delivered before we release payment to the expert! Your money is fully secured until your work is 100% delivered according to instruction.

Every expert wants repeat customers and we at AC Portal need more customers to be in business. We ensure quality delivery of work and we will not release money till our client authorizes us to do so! We have other experts who will review the quality of work if there is any dispute over the quality of work. We don’t and will not allow any side to cheat the other! AC Portal is RESPONSIBLE for receipt and payment of monies. Both sides should be assured of quality services. Refunds are as seamless as the payment process!

The confidentiality and privacy of everyone on our platform is our concern. We take the appropriate technological measures to ensure your confidentiality and privacy is preserved at all times.

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